Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the baby in the river

Last night my dh came home late from work, again. Even though it was well past his bedtime, #2 was still awake in his bed. He was reading. Dh checked on him and when he came down to see me he said, "#2 knows almost all the stories in that book." Hard to believe since neither of us have read to him in weeks. (Bad mom, bad dad). #2 loves his children's Bible. He reads it all the time. I mean, he looks at the pictures and he tells the story through those... I have read him a few stories and he picks up the rest through Sunday school and the Veggie Tales.

This morning, when #2 was climbing out of bed he said, "mom, dad couldn't find the story about the baby in the river, he needs to read his kids' Bible more"

"So do I, son." I said.
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