Tuesday, November 13, 2007

this is my kinda fun...

Okay, I read a lot of blogs. In fact, blog reading has replaced most of my other reading altogether.

But, I still love to write. I used to journal everyday. Now I blog every once in awhile.

There are some really great writers out there. I love to read their stuff.

This is my new, favorite for the moment, blog from an mommy who also loves to write. Today's post is a story that her child wrote. She has recipes, craft ideas, she even has writing contests. I entered. You should, too.

Click on the link to find out all the rules and the topic for this month. HAPPY WRITING and READING!

November's Write-Away Contest

UPDATE: I just was reading her archives and she has COOL crafts for all you crafting sisters out there...you have to click on her craft tag to see the old posts...knitting, book and placemat purses, beading, you name it...
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