Tuesday, November 27, 2007

yes i do

and because of it, she is much happier now...although it is quite difficult to post while nursing...

This onesie is a 0-3 month. Yesterday I put a 3-6 month creeper on her for the Dr. and she swam in it. When #1 was holding her she said, "Mom, she only has one leg..." she had wiggled herself out of one leg and deposited both of her feet into the left leg.

She may be small...

She was 8lb. 8 oz. yesterday. She has been gaining a half an ounce a day which is the bare minimum. Dr. says it's slow going, but she is okay. This is disheartening for me because my other children gained at least twice that much at her age.

We discussed the reasons for the slower gain.
Theory #1; According to his brain, chemotherapy drugs lie still in fat cells (which I happen to have an abundance of). Fat cells are key in milk production. So, the latent chemo could be affecting her ability to properly digest the milk. But, her symptoms should include watery stools and, in his words, 'ring of fire' diaper rash. She has neither. She would be listless and lethargic. She is alert and energetic.
Theory #2; Breast reductions remove milk producing glands. I had several pounds removed. Less glands = less milk production. If she was hungry all the time I may need to supplement. She is content most of the day. The past couple of days she has had a fussy period right before bedtime. Yet, she has slept in two four hour chunks for the past two nights. She has been awake more often during the day. It is nice to see her eyes.

So we came up with the following diagnosis. As long as she is gaining at least 1/2 an ounce a day I can continue nursing without supplementation. I have to weigh her every week just to be sure.

but she is mighty...

#1 and #2 have already figured out that what #3 wants #3 gets.
She currently is the boss when it comes to;
  • deciding when we will have supper as a family or if mommy just nurses her and the rest of the family eats at the table
  • deciding whether we will be on time or late to any function/appointment according to her hunger and elimination schedule (which is not really a schedule at all :)
  • deciding whether mommy can spend time with anyone else, ever.
  • deciding when and how often sleep is interrupted at night (see bullet number 2)
  • deciding how often we need to run to Sioux Falls (mom got smart and started getting them off Amazon.com) to purchase newborn size diapers...(we keep thinking we are going to move up a size)
  • pretty much all decisions have to go through #3's approval these days...
The really shocking and amazing part is...these days don't last long.
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