Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Rally in the Valley time...

Students at the local school are conducting a "Coat Drive" to help other kids who may be less fortunate. Often times we think of issues like toke to be a big city problem. However, the village has it's own need only on a smaller scale. Please consider donating "gently used" winter clothes to the "Rally in the Valley Coat Drive".

  • the drive will run from November 13-23
  • there is a need for coats of all sizes
  • please make sure the coats are in good condition and have been recently laundered
  • drop off items at the Administrative Office in the school on the above select dates
  • local families will be given first preference, a small supply of extras will be kept at the school for future use, and any excess items will be donated at the county level to other schools or families in need
Thanks for your help and cooperation in this Rally!
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