Friday, November 09, 2007

Shower? Who has the time?

I have been trying all week to have a piece of warm toast.
No lie. Warm coffee would be the icing on the cake.

This morning #3 was up as soon as dad left and I was in the middle of pumping. (Whoever said breastfeeding was easier than formula was DEAD wrong. Cracked nipples, engorgement, pumping to stay ahead, washing your hands so much they bleed, making sure to use bottles so #3 has no problem with nipple confusion and because who has time to nurse for an hour every 2-3 hours?, feeling like a cow... MOO!)
Anyhow, I made a pot of coffee (just so it could get cold) and fed her the bottle. #1 got up and had a low grade temp. so I got medicine for her, got her breakfast, stopped to nurse #3. Grabbed a chocolate chip caramel bar on the way to sit down. Wonder why my baby is covered in crumbs? The only time I eat is when I nurse her. Which is a lot of the time so it's no wonder I haven't lost a lot of weight yet, hmmmmm.
By this time #2 is awake and WHAT'S THIS? He looks like a tomato. A quick call to dad at the hospital to find out what #2 did yesterday as they were at grandma's. Dad said they walked some fields and #2 may have gotten a scratch or two from wild grasses. OKAY? I rubbed some hydrocortizone on it and hoped for it to disappear. The area is pretty warm so I also gave him some ibuprofen?!?!? What the heck?
Now where was I?
Okay now we are all awake and hungry so I put in toast and waffles for the kids. I get my vitamins out and set them next to the coffee mug which is now ice cold. Hot coffee is overrated. Wash the pump stuff to use it again. Get the older kids dressed. Change #3's diaper for the 3rd time in as many hours...another great joy to breastfed babies.
Kids are dressed, fed and watching cartoons.Well one is watching cartoons the other is playing with Lego's (which I purchased to help encourage independent play - but seems to require a ton of help from mommy) Now it's time for me. I grab my cold coffee and toast and head downstairs to check email. Nope,#3 is fussy. Could you ignore this face?It is now after 9 and she has been up and needs to be rocked to sleep. Perfect time to try out the swing! Get her in it and turn it on...nothing. Off and on and off and on. Needs new batteries. GRRRR.
Phone rings, dear hubby checking on tomato boy. No change.
While on the phone #2 decided to rock #3 in the swing manually.Why buy expensive batteries when you have a four year old who is perfectly content to push her in the swing? SUCCESS! It is now 10:30 and baby is finally asleep.
#2 is wanting to play a hunting game...#1 is bored and cranky. Mom is hungry and tired.Guess I'll grab that cold toast and vitamin and wash it down with iced coffee, mommy style. Uh- oh...guess who is awake again. Guess the lulling sound of clicking keys on the keyboard doesn't work, eh?
Happy Friday everyone!
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