Monday, November 26, 2007

black friday, NO WAY... online? OKAY!

Who has time to shop?

We drew names for my dh's family at Thanksgiving and I immediately began to sweat. I had no idea when I was going to get these gifts.

Luckily I am up with an infant all night long. I wouldn't have dreamed of fighting the crowds for black Friday, but I was up and shopping until almost 5am. I got 13 people on my list gifts (most have more than one) for less than $200. I got free shipping. I used coupons and codes for %10 off at Target. I even bought diapers at amazon while I was shopping. I used Google checkout to earn $10 for my purchase. I did spend a bit more time than I probably would have in the store but HEY I was in my jammies!

Anyway, I found this great post for shopping for toys. I have used many of her suggestions to search for good quality used and new toys. I hope you can use it, too.

Holiday Toy Gift Guide
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