Sunday, January 27, 2008

Everyone peed their pants...

On Saturday night we went ice skating, again. You can see from the above photo that restrooms aren't the only thing missing from the local ice rink. The thing that wasn't lacking was pure, cold, family, fun. Almost 20 people enjoyed skating by the headlights and because of some ingenious friends we even had a fire pit complete with s'mores and wieners. The kids played hockey and put on ice routines and even played a few fun games of sharks and minnows. The kids both tried to hold it but after two solid hours of skating and hot chocolate the ride home was a wet one. Then, shortly after coming home daddy was changing the baby and she peed on his lap. #1 said, "I guess we all peed our pants tonight." That's gotta be a sign of a good time had by all, don't you think?
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