Thursday, January 03, 2008

Quotes from the kiddos

  • I am gonna need to sharpen my hair to match my new sharp clothes
  • (while shopping) hey mom here are some shirts I don't already have
  • ooo, I want that sparkly one (only funny if you know #2 is a boy
  • hey look #1 has some new moves (the baby is kicking in her swing)
  • that car has a nice big trunk, we can fit a lot of dead bodies in there (guess who watched too much CSI, guess he's not asleep yet:))
  • I already got too much stuff, let's save that toy for next year
  • these are my favorite shoes, cuz they make me run the fastest
  • (after trying on the baseball pants he got from grandma) when I get my baseball shirt on to match Jake is gonna call me Gordo!
  • I keep trying but I get frustrated with myself, that's when I get naughty
  • (after a long lecture on saying sorry like you mean it) well the teacher says sorry is not enough sometimes
  • I try not to get strikes, but sometimes I fall out of my chair
  • in the car on a road trip to MN #1 has two pair of sunglasses and won't share, I say to her you can't wear two at the same time she says "WATCH AND LEARN" I was too shocked to do anything but laugh. Now #2 says it all the time. Note to self; do not laugh as sassy phrases #1 says, it will come back to haunt me.
  • mom, you have to write it down or you will forget
  • my calendars all out, guess the year is over and done with, what do I do now?
  • Thank you Jesus and Santa. You both know I love pink and sparkly.
  • (after watching a documentary on TLC about conjoined twins) #3 is like my twin but with her own body and head!
  • (writing words is what she is obsessed with lately, she brings me out a list she has made all by herself) Mom, here is a list of things you and dad do 1) fit, 2) cuk, 3) cleen. I read them to her and she says, "not fit, FIGHT"
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