Wednesday, January 16, 2008

it's the beginning of project season...

Anyone who knows my dh knows he can't sit still, ever. The close of hunting season and the coming of winter is a transitional time for him. As I think back over the almost 10 years we have been in this home I remember a lot of winter projects. I have gained a kitchen floor, a wood banister, a closet, a finished basement, shelving in my daughters room, kitchen counter tops and a sink and probably more I can't remember. Two days ago the newest project became the unfinished laundry room. I woke up one morning to the sound of hammering and demolition. That's the way it usually happens. Now, my basement is covered in sheet rock dust. Yesterday we went without water for several hours. I have no doubt that I will be pleased with the results. I always am. It's the weeks of getting it finished that I don't like. This time my four-year old is enjoying the work as well. Every day dad is home working ds puts on his tool belt and carries his plastic tools downstairs to 'help'. I have yet to get a photo. I am sure I will have ample opportunity over the course of the next few weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot. As he was removing the old icky giant wash sink and counter top piece, he non nonchalantly asked me, "Do you really need a sink in the laundry room?" WHAT!?!?! How can such an ingenious man forget the three months out of the year his baseball uniform is soaking in the sink and washing out all the paintbrushes and cleaning muddy boots! He goes on to say, "Nobody has sinks in laundry rooms, do they?" Stick with your day job, babe. Contractor man you are not.
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