Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's about time... my ten resolutions.

It's nearing the end of January and I still haven't found the perfect resolution. This happens to me every year. I really want to find one thing to concentrate on improving about my life and I just can't narrow it down so this year I am going to try and do lots of little things and hopefully one or several with stick with me and I will be successful for once.

The early show on television always has lots of inspiring information.Since, I have an infant who nurses I tend to catch it quite regularly. This morning, in particular, it was packed full of useful suggestions. It had experts suggesting to refinance your home now while the rates are very low, not to treat your home like an investment but as a place to 'live in'. It talked about saving money in stocks instead of making pricey home improvements. Everyone wants a bigger better home, now. It used to be the average home was less than 1000 square feet, in 2005 the average home had grown to over 2400 square feet. We justify needed more space for storage and things. One of my complaints about our home is that it is too small. If I wouldn't use one entire bedroom as a toy room and buy a lot in bulk we would have a lot more space. So, my goal is to get rid of the toys and shrink my pantry.(resolution number one) I want to clear my mind of remodeling the kitchen and adding a bedroom, when we really don't need the extra space. I made a mental note to converse with the main man about refinancing the house, too.

A blog that I frequent often, called the crunchy chicken, is currently in the middle of a project called (No Overeating While Attempting to Save The Environment (NOWASTE) I like the idea of cleaning out the cabinets while losing weight. Unfortunately one of my biggest pantry hogs currently is my cake mix collection. I currently have over 15 different boxes so I borrowed the Cake Mix Bible from the bookmobile and have been baking like a madwoman. Helping the storage but not the stomach so much. I have been adding my new 'secret' ingredient now when I am cooking. Flax seed was introduced to me by a fellow blogger and I was hooked immediately because I can get it locally. From the site;
'Flax is considered one of nature’s best sources of Omega 3 oils, which is believed to reduce the risk of several forms of cancers, lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugars, strengthen the immune system, and reduce the risk of heart attacks. In addition, flax is an excellent source of lignans and fiber.'
I used crunchy's calculations to see what my target weight should be and almost fell out of my chair. I felt better adding doable things to my daily routine like doing sit-ups each night and doing an exercise DVD every day.(resolutions number two) I have been successful with implementing these small changes so far, although my first born keeps asking me, "mom, when are you going to get skinny?"

I like the idea of changing a small thing and making a huge difference. Like; helping my kids become more accountable for their actions by making them say they are sorry more often (like they mean it),(resolution number three) adding flax seed to our diet,(resolution number four) drinking more water,(resolutions number five) and eating more foods that grow in my garden and trees and eating less foods that are man made (resolution number six). I want to pray more and spend more time reading the Bible, too(resolution number seven). Last year I read more of God's Word than I have in a long time so I hope I can at least maintain that in 2008.

We spent all day Monday re-arranging the house. It was fun. I got rid of a ton of clutter and several bags of clothing in the process. We swapped the furniture in our two family rooms and I completely redecorated the basement. We finally put nails in the wall. I am so proud of us. It feels good to be organized again, even if it may be short-lived. I used to know where everything was when there were only four hands to move things in this house. Another goal for 2008; LESS IS MORE.(resolution number eight) I don't want more things, I want the house to be less cluttered and more open to drop in visitors. I love having people over but hate the embarrassment of a cluttered and crazy house. Clutter I can change, the crazy comes with the three members under 6.

I am going to do my part about going green, too. (resolution number nine)I failed miserably in the no paper napkin and paper plate project I started earlier this month. I bought napkins a week after trying to go without. We are going with out paper plates, but only because they haven't been on sale. I really want to use real plates but I think you all know how often the dishes get done around here. We would never eat. (at least that would help with the losing weight goal I have) We have replaced light bulbs in the house with more efficient ones and I try to save energy as much as I can the heater is never past 68 although I cheat and use the fireplace when I my toes are frozen. I use the coffee grounds and egg shells for the garden in the summer. I make a point not to buy so many convenience foods with all that throwaway packaging. We need to work together as a family to not waste so much. This is going to be tough on us. I plan to use recycling and reusing as teaching lessons with my children.

Most importantly, I resolve to be less stressed.(resolution number ten) My family suffers most when I am stressed. I am one of those people who is screaming at her kids when the phone rings and I answer it like I am Mrs. Congeniality. I am going to make a point to not let little things get me. When the milk is spilled, I will say, "oh well, accidents happen". I will not feel guilty about spending all afternoon trying to teach a four year old how to play connect four. I will feel blessed to have a sink full of cold dirty dishes. I will smile more. I will tickle more. I will stop comparing my life to others.

This post is mostly for me, so that I can come back later and see how well or not so well I am doing. I probably won't even remember thinking these things so putting it in print is my 'now you have to follow through with it 'cuz it's in print'. 2008 is gonna be great!
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