Saturday, January 12, 2008

Satuday's Satirical Sayings and Snow Surfing

Today #1 wanted to play with the baby. I was trying to explain to her that #3 was not in the best mood. "That's perfect, mom. We are putting on a show and her part is the crying baby."

Later, the kids were in the backyard getting ready to snow surf when a neighbor boy came over with no hat, unzipped coat and missing his snow pants. #1 said, "You can come sledding with us if you go home and get your snow pants on." to which the neighbor boy responded, "My mom is letting me sled today without my snow pants, I don't know why." #3 then said, "Well, at least zip your coat or you are gonna freeze your butt off."

A few minutes later they were snow surfing. I wish life was this easy again.
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