Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tried and True Tested reasons that the Third Time is NOT the charm.

  1. Cooking lessons with your preschooler consist of; open box/can, pour in pan, stir, hurry, move please, get out of the way, just let me do it.
  2. Table manners learned by observation include; pray while you are chewing, speak while are chewing, drink while you are chewing, hold crying baby while you are chewing, the faster you eat the sooner you can walk around the room with the crying baby so stuff as much food as you can into your mouth at one time.
  3. Holding the baby (all the time) is much easier than; listening to her cry, waiting for her to calm herself down, fearing for her life when she is on the floor while your four year old is playing hockey in the living room, thinking about her not being a baby anymore.
  4. The baby is almost three months old and she had not had tummy time yet. See number 3.
  5. Your children think you are putting the baby in time out when you are using the timer to let the baby cry for 15 minutes at a time because your preschooler says over and over, "when you stop crying mommy will START the timer".
  6. Doing the dishes is an all day (and all night) project. The kids think 'normal' is always having a sink full of (cold) soapy water and dirty dishes.
  7. There are no clean bottles at 8 am. See number 6.
  8. It is obvious if there are clean bottles because all clean dishes remain drying on the counter tops. They never get put in those wooden boxes on the wall mom calls cabinets.
  9. Poop is cause for celebration!
  10. You tell your six year old to lay something on the baby's bed and she immediately puts it on your bed. *sigh*
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