Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It was bound to happen, especially since I was unarmed; without a camera.

The baby stood for almost 5 seconds yesterday. I could have gotten in on film but my lovely sister accidentally took my camera home with her.

Then, #1 and #2 went gopher hunting. By chance, one ended up in the window well and wouldn't you know it? They caught the @#$! thing. Really! They schemed up a plan to trap it with a piece of gutter and make it crawl into a tote. Unbelievable. I was unable to document any of this amazing 2 hour adventure. But, memories are worth more than a thousand words, don't you think?

My husband got home about an hour after the gopher wrangling and he remembered that I had bought a cheap digital camera for the kids on clearance and hid it in the closet. Why couldn't I remember that? So he did capture one photo. The rest of them he must have messed with the flash because they didn't turn out at all.So, without further ado, my kids the gopher wrestlers...
Shortly after this photo we released him because, "he keeps eating his bed". #1 made him a bed of grass and sunflower seeds and he kept eating it, oh, and he pooped. #1 said she didn't want to keep cleaning his poop so we should probably just let him go. Good idea, huh? I'm afraid he wouldn't have made it through the night. Let us not think about how terrible the world might be with one less gopher, shall we?
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