Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last week the tooth fairy came again for my oldest.

My youngest got a new tooth.

It was an even trade.

My oldest is learning lots at swimming lessons. Last night she came home from lessons and, after I asked her what she learned, she told me to lay down on my back. She put her ear next to my mouth and screamed, "call 911". Then she tilted my head back and closed my nostrils.She pretended to give me rescue breaths. Ever so gently, she tried to find my rib cage she crossed her hands and pushed. She said, "I can't remember what it's called, but it helps people who can't breathe."

I asked my son if he went down the slide yet. Here is what he said.

"I ooba zooba. Then I itche catchie divi mivi."

HUH? I think I must have dropped him on his head at some point.

It's weeks like this that make me long for good 'ol scheduled school days.
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