Friday, July 25, 2008

Is it morning again?

This morning after I shuffled to the coffeemaker (my sciatic nerve really kicks me in the butt literally in the morning) I brewed a steaming hot fresh pot of coffee. Then I poured it in my cereal. Grrrr.

I think we finally sold the tiny Blazer that we love but can't fit four car seats in. I have been searching online to see what to do about this new license plate law thingy. Do I keep my plates and just let the buyer drive off unplated? Who knows...

#1 says she is gonna miss the Blazer. We are a family with too many attachments to material things.

Looking forward to this afternoon when my mommy is taking me for a pedicure. YEAH!

I will try to pour coffee in a mug, now, like a normal person. It's decaf, you know. So it's not like it's gonna help me or anything. I am just an addict.
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