Thursday, October 02, 2008

B is for big

Baby update number too many to count...

Ultrasound technician said the baby is measuring 8 pounds give or take (give or take what a pound, a kilo, a ton?)

I am 37 weeks tomorrow.

My doctor had an emergency c-section to attend to so I saw someone else today. Someone who was unable to schedule my induction for next week more than likely to fall exactly on my son's fifth birthday.

Waiting to hear from the doctor's office with the date of induction...

The baby's heartbeat was 161 today and the someone else that I saw, after she reminded me she had ten years experience at this sort of stuff, said it was probably a girl.

Conversation on the way to the doctor this morning went something like this.

Me "I can't wait to see the big baby on the ultrasound, what do you suppose it will look like?"

DH "It will look the same as #3 did. We had an ultrasound at 36 weeks with her, too."

Me "(GASP) We DID?"

DH "Um, yeah, you were measuring big and they wanted to see how big she was."

Me "Oh, I don't remember that. (evil snicker from DH)... I wonder what they will tell me today."

DH "Well, I suppose they are going to tell us it's a big baby and we will induce next week, just like last time. I am getting so good at this I should just be a baby doctor."

Me "Yes, honey, you are an expert. "(evil snicker from me this time)
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