Thursday, October 09, 2008


I love my husband...(you know where this is going, right?)


he finished his 'nesting' painting project at 3 pm yesterday when we planned to leave for the boy's birthday party at 3:20. It was stressful, but the party was a success. The little guy was happy. It was plain to see.

As we unpacked the car last night, ds found a gift bag from one of the J boys and it had a button you could push to play music. We all busted a move in the kitchen until I remembered that the curtains,which usually hide our goings on, were still not put up. We partied like rock stars anyway;)

I didn't realize how much I enjoy my privacy. It's sort of scary being completely exposed to the world. We don't live in a big city or anything but the traffic here is pretty constant and the thing is EVERYBODY knows who we are. I don't mind showing my belly to the world or even announcing that I peed my pants, but when our everyday life is tends to stress me out.

In the event that our personal 'normalness' may not be all that normal is cracked up to be I would like to take this time to apologize to everyone who has driven by or will be driving by in the future to observe the following scenarios:
  • my almost one year old chewing on the remote, telephone, cordless drill, phone charger, screwdriver or any other inappropriate item, these are just a few of her personal favorites
  • my bend over technique to grab the inappropriate item or lift up the said child - spread 'em and hold the belly while attempting the grab
  • any inappropriate scratching or picking
  • the pile of Hershey kisses wrappers on the end table
  • the pile of dishes in the sink
  • the family standing instead of the more 'normal' practice of sitting around the dining table eating breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • my get out of the chair technique, I promise you it's not pretty
  • any or all of us dancing like a rock star
  • the diaper change - this is about the time when I wish I had born an octopus
If you do happen to view any of the above instead of calling 911 just give a friendly honk and I'll wave you by...I am hoping the real life window viewing will end shortly when dad puts the hardware up for the curtains...preferable before the nursing season begins:)
A girl can hope, can't she?
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