Friday, October 24, 2008

Labor and the numbers

25 hours in the hospital BEFORE baby arrives
2.5 hours prepping for induction
22.5 hours of labor starting and stopping

4 shift changes of nurses
2 on call shift changes for the doctors (24 hour shifts)

1 bored out of his mind hubby who
12 times needed to "get some air" and resulted in
3 unnecessary shopping trips and who consumed
5 lbs of junk food in front of his wife who only got to eat
1 cup of chicken broth and
4 pieces of toast in
29 hours

1 book read, now I want to see the movie, (the Secret Life of Bees)
2 movies watched ; 21 and Ocean's 13

7 unsuccessful iv attempts in my hands, wrists and arms
4 infiltrated veins resulting in swelling, bruising and annoying, burning, pain
1 port FINALLY accessed
10 hours after first iv attempt

3 doses of oral induction medication
1 iv drip of pitossin
1000 mil of saline iv
1 epidural that wore off an hour before baby came

38 minutes of hard labor with no medication
1 episiotomy resulting in
9 stitches to bring a
8 lb 6 oz beautiful baby girl to
2 exhausted but blessed parents who cried an
undetermined amount of tears of joy
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