Friday, October 03, 2008

It's all a part of the Big Plan...

Okay, I admit when the nurse called me this morning and told me that the induction date had been pushed back to the 14 of October I was completely caught off guard. I kept kicking myself for not waiting the 2 extra hours to see my doctor yesterday so I could have talked to her in person. I was angry at myself for believing her when she said that she would take me before she went on her two week vacation and not leave me to labor with a doctor I don't know from a mad scientist. I thought to myself how in the world am I going to make it another 11 days. Then I took a deep breath and prayed.

I asked God to help me relax and put this baby first and not care about aches or pains or how big of an episiotomy a 10 pound baby requires. I asked Him to give me the good health and the patience to bring this baby into the world in the safest way. I asked Him to be with my doctor and to help her make the wisest choice for my health care. I asked God to bless her vacation as I know she works hard and need some time off to relax and refresh. I thanked Him for the three blessing I have already and for the opportunity to bring a fourth one into our lives. I thanked God for the opportunity to have three birthdays in October, none of which fall on the same day, I hope:)

Then I felt much better:)

It really is better for that baby to cook a little longer anyway, right?
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