Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tired doesn't even come close to explaining how I feel...

This morning already I have;
  • pried my newborn off my nipple to get up and make daddy coffee before he left for class
  • made whack 'em on the counter cinnamon rolls to accompany breakfast because I feel guilty about the next bulleted item
  • gotten oldest child off to school with a dose of Tylenol because she gets a flu shot today and I cannot drag the circus there to be with her
  • changed two poopy diapers
  • cleaned up a spilled (forgotten) cold cup of coffee off the living room carpet
  • stepped in some squishy substance on the kitchen floor and immediately had to wash all the carpets and bleach the floor, I think it was poop
  • went through clothing from my sister to find only one matching mitten to go with the one shoe she normally sends
  • finally downloaded first birthday pictures and have yet to post them
  • nursed the baby again and again
  • answered the phone a dozen times
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