Monday, January 05, 2009

Bringing in the new year our style

In true Rani fashion we are running a bit behind.

We decided to bring in the new year with a fire in the pit. Yes, it is Jan. 5th. We spent the real new year in the 'burb driving back from Minneapolis. It was dandy. Dad had to work new years day and the weekend so today is our first day in the new year together.

The kids wanted to go for a bike ride with their new bikes which was quickly discarded for having dad pull them in the sleds which fell hands down to making a fire and roasting marshmallows. The day is short here, people, not enough time for everything.

The kids were searching the yard for "kindling" (word for the day) when Gavin saw a huge pile of sticks right across the alley. I guess the word for the day could have been stealing, swiping, or borrowing. The neighbors just moved in wonder what they think of us?

I took the three youngest to the doctor today, by myself. I couldn't bring myself to wake my groggy husband after 4 shifts in a row. So I let him sleep. I don't think I will do it again. Addi tried to steal cheerios from another toddler AND her mom. Gavin played roller derby with the doctors chair and Nora nursed the whole time, even during the actual check up. My doctor was sweet she just said, as her head was behind the sheet, "you are pretty good at multi-tasking these days, huh..." I sent Gavin out to push Addi in the stroller during the exam, I am not THAT bad. I kept thinking I bet everyone in this whole office knows why I am here...and it's not because I am prego again.

Addi lasted about 15 minutes outside, her little cheeks were as red as an apple when she came to the door to come in. Then we played put the hat on and take the hat off for about 10 minutes before she crashed in the chair. Nora is asleep in the swing and daddy and the kids are roasting marshmallows. It's 5:46 on the first Monday in January, 2009 and I am soaking it all in.

Happy New Year everyone. Much love to you and yours.
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