Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr. Mom (and oh my it's been awhile since I've posted)

Alas, my friends. The moon has turned ago many too times, Ay, I have neglected to post. Parting has been no sweet sorrow. The calling of myself and my employment has left my plate too heavily burdened to accomplish much ado about anything else.

The sophomores are studying William Shakespeare. Did you know that there are only 5 known authentic signatures of the man and each is worth 5 million dollars? That's something to put on your thrift list. I would research it first, though, because I would never have guessed his signature read his name it looks more like chicken scratch. Believe or not I learned this from my husband who is currently reading the kids encyclopedia.

Last week at a Horizons committee meeting I told the school superintendent that I would like to be put back on the sub list. I've been at the school three days this week. Guess the education market is pretty solid.

My husband and I had the discussion about me subbing back in August when he had to make a decision to take the weekend job or not. We determined, together, that is would be good for both of us. I would 'get out' per say and we wouldn't need childcare for the day as he would be home. I am not sure he realized what he was getting himself into. Luckily the Lord planned for us to be weaned into it.

The first day I was scheduled to sub, the weather got nasty real fast and I only had to be away for an hour. The second day was pretty tough on all of us. When I was able to find a free moment to come home and feed her she was in her daddy's arms screaming while Addison was taking the aluminum cans out of the recycle bin and playing kick the can in the kitchen. Dad had his hands full. We had planned to attend a basketball game that evening but by 730 pm we were all snoozing on the couches and chairs in the living room.

Yesterday went much better. I was able to come home and pump during a prep period. When I arrived home the living room and kitchen were neat and tidy, the dishes were done and the girls were both sleeping soundly. Dad (aka Mr. Mom) was just sitting down to a hot egg sandwich and a steaming cup of java.

I have to be honest and tell ya, at that moment I was more in love with him than I have ever been before. I sat at the table and had an adult conversation with him about something and it was perhaps the most enjoyable moment of our entire married lives as of yet. What kind of man can do all the things a man usually does (ie outside chores and mr fixit) and can still maintain a house? I am the happiest girl in the world. So what if the poor bloke used laundry detergent in the softener dispenser and didn't know whose sock was whose. Oh, and he learned the hard way that diapers go on immediately after the bath. Thank goodness for solid toddler poopies! This morning Gavin came out of the bathroom and said, matter of factly, to his father, "Dad, this bathroom needs to be cleaned, too." You can add bathroom cleaning to his list of mastered household duties. I am telling you he must be ill, and I hope it's chronic and contagious.

School was late this morning, it is currently something like 25 degrees below zero. During the breakfast routine dad starting speaking in another language. I think his exact words were, "Do we have any other kind of cleaner? That bleach is really hard on my hands." I almost choked on my eggs.

The kids had time to play this morning together before the day had drained their politeness and made them baby lions and tigers. Maleah set up her 'throne' in the hallway and gave specific instructions that in her absence (school) Addison would be the replacement and we had to obey her every command.

So, it's gonna be a pretty normal day around here I think.

Stay warm!
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