Friday, January 30, 2009

totally immersible

I was washing my electric fry pan today like I do almost every day and I read that raised letter word on the bottom of the pan, immersible.

Lately I have felt completely immersed in parenting. I can't get away from it. It's everywhere. I am constantly asking, telling, debating, feeding, diapering, clothing, disciplining, caring If kids were water I would be drowning. I can't imagine having more than four.

After I wallowed in the misery I can only blame myself (and the last several cold South Dakota January winters) for, I thought about immersion a little more deeply.

I found myself wishing my life was completely immersed with God. Not just Sunday mornings and when we sit down for a family meal. I mean really immersed, so much a part of my life that I am surrounded by it all the time. Oh how I want to read that book every minute and have the Holy Spirit guide my every move, my every breath in this life. I closed my eyes and prayed for immersion, just like when I was baptized at the age of ten. That day my mom had to leave my brothers at home because they were sick and our pastor came to our house and baptized them with the water from our kitchen faucet. The day I became a member of the church and a part of the family of God.

All the spit up and dirty dishes and soiled laundry in the whole wide world can't keep me from love of God. I just wish I would remember that more often.
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