Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning...


Last night my glasses broke.

This morning, as I was taking a photo of them to blog about, the baby puked over my shoulder onto my newly mopped floor.

After I got dressed this morning (a long time after), I felt a lump on my boob. I put my hand in my shirt to find my sons athletic sock stuck to my undershirt. The sad part is I have so much fluff on my own body, it took me hours to notice the extra padding.

Here is what my calendar, entitled 365 reasons to eat chocolate, says for today.

I taught my kids to count using little chocolate candies. They could make it to 20 before either of them stated school, but I gained five pounds.

I think I wrote this calendar in another lifetime.

Addison is still keeping us very is a glimpse into her every day activities

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