Wednesday, March 18, 2009

About Maleah

I just finished the online pre-registration for Maleah. We went to the ENT yesterday and he put a fiber optic scope up her nose and couldn't even get past those giant adenoids on one side. They are outta there! She is having surgery tomorrow and maybe she will be able to breathe through her nose for the first time by the weekend.

He said her tonsils looked wonderful so he will just be removing the adenoids. She is all game, she sure does love the one-on-one attention she gets from a doctor. She is bummed she is going to miss the science fair, but she is actually excited for surgery if you can believe it!

We (finally) took her for pizza the other night. She earns a free personal pan pizza from the Book It program each month. She enjoys setting the timer and reading to her brother and sisters. She reads all the time now. The back of cereal boxes, signs, the computer screen (gads?). There is a Pizza Ranch just a few miles to the east of here that takes the coupons for us, we just don't get into the big town much as a family anymore.

I am really excited about this surgery. Both the ENT and GP we see are thinking it could help with the circles under her eyes, her tiredness and her snoring. I can't wait to see the difference in her. We tried allergy medications for months, to no avail. I think this will help us see results.

It's hard to think of your baby going under the knife, even if it is a tiny one. Last night, of course, dad had to Google the procedure. I think she was shocked to see what it was all about. I wanted to remove my husbands hands and fingers after that. But, he was just trying to help, I think. Maleah was as white as a ghost and she even cried a bit. We sent an extra long prayer up to the Big Guy to help her get over her fears. This morning she said she thought about all the ice cream she was going to get to eat and that's the only way she could get to sleep. Note to self: buy ice cream.

She knew this appointment was coming and I have tried to prepare her for anything and everything that could happen so she has been talking to the kids at school about it. They have told her all about the wagon that takes you to surgery, the ice cream and popsicles, the cartoons you get to watch in the recovery room... they conveniently left out the part about the surgery and the pain. Maybe they forgot? Maybe it's a bit like the pain of childbirth...well worth it.

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