Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good sportmanship = don't do like mommy...

We've been having more of these no tv days lately. I began them as punishments, sort of a 'your grounded' deal. But, the days without the tube have been so enjoyable we have instituted them almost every other day.

Today, Gavin and I were playing mancala and I finally won. Ever since the day I showed him how to play he has been whipping me good. It was so fun to actually win I took Nora's arms and made her do a "mommy won" cheer, which was probably a little over the top, but hey I am only human.

My son stared at us sitting across from him on the floor and when I was finished with my victory cheer via Nora, he calmly said, "at least I don't pee my pants every time I laugh".

Chalk one up for the Gavinator, not only can he beat mommy most of the time in board games, he has also begun using those listening ears. Don't think I let him get away with talking like that to his mother. I learned my lesson, too.
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