Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Addison loves popcorn and Nora Jumps

Ryan and I went to a local workshop last night for a few hours and my mom watched the kids. When we got home, the house was pitch dark and I thought everyone had turned in for the night. When we entered the living room there they all were lined up on the couch watching a 'movie'. The curtians were pulled wide open and they were watching cars and lights out the front window. They each had a bowl of popcorn in their lap and all I could hear was crunch munching. For the record, Nora wasn't eating any. I had to use a flash to get this photo and Addison couldn't keep her eyes open, but I like the photo anyway.
My mom got us this jumper toy for Addi. Nora absolutely loves it. I have to hold her up to get her to stop jumping. She makes so much noise, you can't do anything else except listen to her.
Video by dad, so, you know, he didn't pick up the house or turn of the SDSU game or anything...

Maleah was in the bathroom with me this morning, getting ready. She suddenly sniffed and said, "What is that smell?" I thought maybe it was a dirty diaper until she said, "YUM! pancakes!" Maleah never smells especially from that far away. We are so happy for her.

The Gavinator spent 20 minutes doing his hair this morning in the mirror.
Then he put his hat on.

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