Monday, March 23, 2009

Signs of Spring

The snow is gone. The bikes are down from the hooks and the sun is shining. A week ago (and then again this weekend) we saw hundreds, maybe thousands of ducks flying in V patterns to the north. It was a sight to see and hear. They were a honking to beat the band. It reminded me of one of my fathers favorite jokes to tell.
You ever see geese flying in a V-pattern in the sky?
You wanna know why one side is always longer than the other?
Wait for it....
Because there are more geese on that side.

I can't help but think that if my father were alive today he would have gotten a kick outta what my 5-year old son did the moment he heard the honking start...

Yesterday the winds and rain picked up. Last night it was thundering and lightening all night. My sister lives 4 hours north of me and they are experiencing some flooding. The weather is stormy and there was even mention of snow in the west and tornados in the east.

I noticed a few green spikes poking through the brown in my yard. It is greening up, as they say.

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