Monday, February 15, 2010

Home sick

It took all of little Nora's strength to climb up up onto the couch just now. She pulled herself up and collapsed onto the pillow. Her fever has been draining her energy for almost 24 hours now. Her little rapid breaths are one of my most feared sounds. I just can't listen to that without my heart breaking. She is fighting off something fierce and I can't do anything but hold her and give her fluids and Tylenol. I am really missing the cheesy grins today :(

Addison also woke up with a fever, too, but since she is a full 11.5 months older the movie Tinkerbell and a little Tylenol makes great strides in her feeling better.

The big kids are coughing, but I have a feeling this is just the beginning of being home sick this week...

Hope everyone is well elsewhere :) Stay healthy.
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