Thursday, February 25, 2010


That was my verification word as I commented on another blog this morning. I laughed out loud.

I LOVE words. I love how they can make you feel a certain way or think differently. For example if the word was dangle instead of dingle it would not have made me laugh out loud, it would have made me think of fancy jewelry and my favorite earrings that I have not worn in forever.

But, the word was dingle. Which is only a difference of one vowel, but brings to mind an entirely different frame of reference, huh?

I can't help but think that dingle is my word for the week.

We have been battling the snot something fierce this week. It is more than simple snot, it's the snot that sticks like glue to everything and you would only know that if you have snotty toddlers. We all have it, though. It is not age specific and it is gender neutral. Even dad is suffering. My ears pop and sizzle every time I blow my nose which is often.

Anyway, my hearing is off my throat hurts and I haven't grocery shopped in over a week. We are in prime form here at the house. Currently the vic's is in the humidifyer, which I always mistakenly call the hydrater, masking the burnt pie crust smell I so masterfully perfumed the house with when I tried to bake the extra pie crust from my chicken pot pie into cinnamon sugar cookies and forgot about them. It's really cold out, by the way, especially when you have the windows and doors open releasing smoke.

The girls pried open the last orange this morning and have sticky orange snotty fingerprinted the entire upper level. They don't eat the seeds though, the proof in on the bottom of my socks.

Dad told the girls to go play hide and seek and the next thing he knew they were both sitting in the bathroom sink. He asked Addi what she was doing and she plainly said, "hide and sink, daddy". I think the snot has invaded everyone's ears, too.

It's just sort of a dingle kind of day, week, probably even month, if you know what I mean...
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