Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Multitudes, #188-200

holy experience

Lord, thank you for every minute You have given me in this life. I hope and pray that I value each and every moment for what it is truly worth. You have sacrificed so much for little insignificant me. I pray that my words and my actions honor You.

You have blessed me beyond words, but words are all I have to express my gratitude today;

lunch dates with a friend I have not seen in too long, thankfully we can just pick up where we left off, a sign of true friendship

doctor visits that are like family reunions with the woman who helped me bring four beautiful miracles into this world, what an amazing job hers would be

little snotty faces, little sticky fingers, little smelly toes that will not be little for long; all the more reason to adore them (kiss them, be slimed by them, stick to them) more now than ever...

Dr. Suess and every author who has ever written so that our imaginations can grow and celebrate the pure joy of reading, what an awesome blessing books are

90th birthday parties, time with extended family and stickers from the kids table that provide endless hours of entertainment

hair cuts and locks of love

mommies and daddies and babies of all kinds especially Layla Grace We are praying for you, Layla and your sisters, too

trim on windows in kitchens and living rooms and the adorable handymen who finish it, love you honey

crafters and fleas that are filling up the Legion for a no-doubt fun time had by all party of all craft sales organized by none other than the greatest sister in the world, Josie

haircuts and transformations both on the outside and the in

knowledge and expertise of doctors, especially surgeons and especially for a dear friend who is having surgery today...on my knees for you Patricia, may you heal quickly and be healthy very soon my beautiful, beautiful, friend

seeing old friends in church and talking right up to the time Pastor says 'Good Morning', miss you so much Bonnie and your daughter Amy, too :)
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