Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Thing one and Thing two

Today is Dr. Suess Day in the village.

Last night we read a gazillion books and the kiddos came up with the idea that they wanted to dress up. We took some electrical tape and some inside out t-shirts and made up our own costumes. When these two were the baby girls' ages, people always asked me if they were twins and they are 22 months apart. I can't image what life will be like for the little girls being only, ahem, 11.5 months apart.

Anyway, Happy Dr. Suess Day, and to Maleah and Gavin's teachers, I am sorry...they were just so excited about it I kinda overdid it with the spikey hair. It was interesting finding accessories to keep their ears warm. Hopefully they aren't too distracting today!

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