Tuesday, March 16, 2010

somethin from nuthin

It's official, I am addicted to crocheting. Bum wrist and all. good left wristbum right wrist, what is that bump? it hurts.

It started simple enough with a baby blanket, which led to another baby blanket, and then some pot holders that deemed too difficult (I think that was a knitting pattern) which led to some cute flowers that I intended to make a scarf with, but didn't

which led to a failed washcloth attempt and finally, to plarning scrubbies.
I think we have already pounded the fact that I am cheap into the ground, but for the sake of forgetful people let me just come out and say it. I AM CHEAP.
So, when I started this handiwork stuff it was with yarn I bought in Vermillion when I was subbing for a friend for 25 cents a skein at Pamida. When that was all gone I dug through bags of junk to find tiny balls of leftover yarn I had accumulated. Then, a few thrift store purchases of full skeins and finally plastic bags, the ultimate supreme yarn supply. Who doesn't have plastic bags lying around?

Working with real yarn is more glamorous and softer and doesn't bleed ink on your fingers,
but using up stuff you have that would just clutter your house, garage and someday a landfill makes sense to me. I am no queen of green but I strive to be a good steward of God's creation.

Move over scotch brite. I am making plarn scrubbies. I still have some work to do on this pattern. There is not supposed to be such a large hole in the center, but I needed to see what I was doing so I doubled the chain. Plarn is double thick so it's harder to see your pattern.

Hi, my name is Rani and I am addicted to plarn. That is, plastic bag yarn.

So, as I leave on a week long trip to see my aunties, cousins and great aunt in Texas. I pray for sunshine and for composure that I don't ransack my family's plastic bag storage while I am visiting...I didn't know colored bags were so hard to come by.

Praise be to God, who has not rejected my prayer or withheld his love from me! Psalm 66:20

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