Friday, May 07, 2010

all boy, sorta :)

The future first graders got the day off today as the new kindergartners were rounded up and visited the classroom.

The Gavinator had a few chores to do this morning and then I told him we could do whatever he wanted when the babies went to sleep.

Guess what he chose to do?

Yep, we used a half of a roll of aluminum foil and a roll of electrical tape to make swords and he dug through the piles of princess dress up to find some pirate things.

Then we spoke like pirates and played cat's cradle all afternoon. Ah, the life of a boy with three sisters.... if it hadn't been raining we probably would have played a game of bean bags :)

It's a really good thing there is a new male cousin in the fam :) Congrats Chad and Jan!
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