Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Multitudes, #309-332

Monday already?

Man, time flies when the sun shines again!

holy experience

I am thankful for many things today.

a Pastor who will be staying around for awhile and soon be a father again, that will make THREE boys :) many prayers for mommy Susan ;)

a week with my husband and more projects and dreams of projects

a fire in the backyard, snuggling with my kids in the swing, and later project man

mowers that work every time you want to use them

plants that grow from seeds and a little water and sunshine, it still amazes me every time I see that little life poke through the dirt...

frightening summer schedules, it is scary but I am here to enjoy them and I am VERY thankful for my life

spontaneous invitations to 5k's for the runner in the family

sore muscles:)

surprise birthday cards for teachers, signed by the whole class

less homework and more time to play outside after school, no time for tv or computer

boys who are really antsy for summer and can't sit still at school, lo siento mucho teachers :(

mowing at grandma's

being buried in purple satin

little girls who know when they are sick

CNP's who have a soft hand and a gentle touch to little girls who have ear infections and mommy's who ignore them for too long

baseball practice for little boys who really need to get out and run off some energy after all those rainy days in a row

rainy days in a row for the tiny seeds who are pushing to grow up

cars that start when you turn the key and produce heat and air conditioning in the same 24 hours

Sunday school teachers that teach my children about the love of Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and your presence

VBS books and lots of crafts on order

kids asleep while it is still light out, because they are so worn out

auctions that get the whole family out of the house after the rainy days

sunsets, green and gold and warm
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