Thursday, May 27, 2010

VBS 2010 (by the numbers sorta)

a number representing nearly 1/5th of my tiny village's population stood on the altar tonight praising, singing and sharing God's love

around 2/5th's of my community was involved in one way or another by participating, volunteering or bringing their children to VBS this week

almost half the number of people that live in my village (the greatest little village on God's earth) [that's around 250 people] participated in and/or attended the program tonight (standing room only) to witness the love of God proclaimed by nearly one hundred children on a tiny altar in a tiny church with a HUGE commitment to sharing the love of God

infinity = is the only number I can think of to use to describe how amazing my community of believers is; we share everything, especially our faith :)

Man, I love my village and I love my God.
I cried through the last prayer song just like I do every single year. Only 364 days till we can do it again, I can hardly wait ;)

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