Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More wedding photos

These are all backwards, forgive me for not cutting and pasting them in the correct order :) Congratulations Nick and Tracy! It was a beautiful event and we were so blessed to be a part of it.

the dance shoe game
getting her groove on with G'ma

dancing queens

mmmmm cake
cutting the cake

leaving the church

I love this one...they looks so happy.

the (hot) reception

done deal :)

Half of us
Kim - the other matron of honor

ushers, half of them anyway

Groom, Nick and Maddi
the Groom, he's ready I think :) Man that tux is SHARP!

Handsome Grandpa and Addi

Uncle Travis and the girls

This is my favorite photo I think. Maleah is calling Nora, the unoffical flower girl up for a photo... Addison is checking out her corsage, again.

Man I love that boy, isn't he handsome?

Mr. patience, shocking...I know

I think Kim found a wasp? ...oh no, I remember, they were all imitating Addison and her crying...with sound effects

Grandma consoles Addison after she decides she is 'done' with pictures.

No more pictures, she's done.

Grandma tries to talk her into just one more photo.

everyone but Addi, sigh...cheesing it up

either ants or bubbles, it's hard to tell...

more with that corsage

Katie helped with the girls 'do's

we spent a lot of time blowing bubbles

enamored with her corsage

she looks innocent but really she is stepping on ants

matron of honor Lisa, Ryan and Nora Lou

Beautiful Tracy = the bride, she was GoRgEoUs!

Katie and the Gavinator

da groomsmen hanging out

Bride + official flower girls

Groom + wedding party
QT's just warming up
practicing 'the walk'
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