Friday, June 04, 2010

not enough and too much

Yesterday I ;

drank 6 cups of coffee*

continued making almost 400 homemade granola bars for the Tour de Kota

hung 4 loads of laundry out to dry :)

hunted frantically for 12 missing important papers that will never be found

drove 2 big kids to dentist appointments that will eventually lead to 4 teeth being pulled, the crowning of 3 teeth and 1 tooth filled

returned items to the $100 store and bought a strapless bra that I intend to wear but never really will

guzzled 1 bottle of water in the car*

got a call that the 50 new uniform t's for the Pee Wee's will be done for the game today

sort of called 1 wonderful mom friend to take 1 big girl to game in Alexandria at same time as the Pee Wee game

attended 1 Pee Wee game where 1 big boy played catcher and he beamed the whole time

bought one 6 pack of favorite bottled beer from the gas station* on the way to

1 very windy and cool temperatured(not a word, but I don't care)Dad ballgame in a very lonely ballpark in Humboldt

found exactly 0 bottle openers + 0 koozie in the van which resulted in = 0 beers drank during ballgame

husband visited with 1 player after the game that informed me of 6 twist topped beer bottles (that were warm by this time) sitting in my van :)

sigh... sipped 1 lukewarm bottle of beer at the ballpark*

drove 10 miles with one screaming very tired baby to pick up

1 big girl who was waiting patiently after her ballgame was rained out

tucked 4 tired kids into bed

observed 1 exhausted 'coming off 3 night shifts and pitched a great game' dad asleep on the couch, snoring

woke up this morning with a screaming headache and the most awful dehydrated mommy tummy cramps*

*duh, drink more water busy mommy
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