Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Hey, Addi, if you pee on the potty the next time mommy is at Walmart you will get a treat! I promise!

Mom, look that bird is recycling! (a bird flew by carrying a wrapper in its mouth)

I think my game is gonna be cancelled, people are gonna be sad (insert sad head shake here)

How can you do dishes so fast mom? Must be a LOT of practice.

People who only have one person in their family are lucky, they don't have to wash too many dishes.

If dad is working we have one less plate to wash!

Grandma only has one person at her house, but she eats a lot! (I think he was referring to the amount of dishes in your sink mom ;)

(I don't think he likes helping with dishes)

So mom, what can I do in the morning that is NOT chores?
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