Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Multitudes #680- 717 (long overdue)

I ain't gonna lie. These past two weeks have been rough. The jingle jangle has been more like crashing and banging. But, somewhere in between an invite to a big girl party and some long awaited quality family time I found my thankfulness again and my eyes opened wide to the glory of the newborn King and all his wonderment and along came the tidings of comfort and joy, tidings of comfort and joy.

I am back to crunching the numbers.

This week I am so very thankful for;

the amazing and wonderful joy of motherhood

piano recitals

decorating the tree with family

hanging up lights in 40 degree weather

dancing to Christmas songs

packages in the mail

workout buddies who plan cookie exchanges

kids singing songs at the program with all their heart and soul (I am talking about you Andy:))

monogrammed stockings

Christmas cookies that look great even if they took me all day

advent calendars

snow days with dad at home

sledding for hours and then

drinking hot cocoa

parties with great women

tasting some new wine flavors

gift exchanges

cookie exchanges (worth mentioning again)

grandma's birthday and her extended vacation with her sisters (a snowstorm blessing)

Aunt Patty's health and safe travel for Mom and Aunt Pam

JoAnn's return home

a cleaner house than last month

a warm garage for dad to do projects in

Christmas cards that are almost ready to mail

breakfast with grandpa

crocheting again, this time a new scarf for me and my sissy

a baby that takes after her daddy (remind me to post about her)

roast beef in the crock pot

cookies in the freezer

a paycheck to deposit

a very special birthday present just waiting for grandma

an organized baking cupboard

a clean car even though the doors are frozen shut

seeing a familiar face at the mall

the nativity on the piano

watching the girls put on a 'show'

a full DVR for when I get a chance to watch

a son who enjoys the kitchen as much as I do

In spite of the many benefits God has blessed us with, how many times do we complain about little difficulties and trials? We lose sight of the big picture and fail to appreciate the really important things. Just as we cannot benefit from a wrapped gift under a Christmas tree until we open it, so gratitude can be seen as our way of opening the gift of God's love intended by all the small and big positive events of our lives.

Ronda De Sola Chervin

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