Friday, December 10, 2010

two and three year old wisdom

Driving in the car I am wiggling along to the Christmas songs on the radio and telling the girls to dance, too. Addison starts singing. Nora screams, "ADDI don't sing, JUST DANCE!"

I say to my littlest when she just wakes, "Morning, sweets."
"No," she says. "I am Nora."

Addison is pretty much potty trained. She is noticing that Nora is getting treats more often than her for voiding on the potty. So she negotiates a deal with me. "Mom, I will go potty IF you give me a BIG sucker."

Santa entered the gym last night after the concert and Nora sees him and yells, "Mom, I wuv that man!"

I tell the girls that Grandma's birthday is coming up. They get really excited and say,"I want to go to her party!"

Digging in the treat bags they got from Santa the girls are devouring candy. I ask, "How many candies are you going to have?" Nora holds up one pointy finger and says, "TWO". Addi looks at her fingers and finally just holds up all of five and says, "Free".
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