Friday, December 17, 2010

Scrambling and I am not talking eggs here people.

Every time I download photos I get a surprise. This was on my card from yesterday. Enjoy this chaotic still life of my table taken by, "not me, I didn't touch it, or it was probably one of the babies".
I took the girls out to the Colony Christmas play today. It was an adorable play called The Littlest Reindeer. Nora was enamored by the little boy who was dressed as Santa. She couldn't take her eyes off him and I saw her waving at him more than once. I managed to invite my neighbors and we had a nice little visit.

For some reason the alarm didn't go off this morning and both Ryan and I overslept. I missed my much needed morning workout session. (Yep, I broke into the cookies last night, again :)) He made it to the time clock with a minute to spare. It took me 25 minutes to set up my Wii fit and I did get about 30 minutes in but it just isn't the same as that 5:30 am social time :) I have been playing the "catch up but I really know I never will be caught up game" all day long, hence the Friday night last minute blog post...

The house is all decked out. I was all ready to photograph it in the 40 degree weather and then it snowed. We have a (mostly) buck this year, unless the rack decides not to light up and then she is a doe. I am happy with the result. I have ALWAYS been a white Christmas light kinda girl, but the kiddos do dig the colored lights. Merry Christmas from our house!

Ryan said he was hungry for grilled brats the other night and I snorted. Then I watched him bundle up and go outside. Here is the proof. Proof that man can multitask = scooping snow and grilling at the same time. Baked beans and brats on the table that night!

Yesterday the photo postage stamps came so I finally sent off the last of the Christmas cards. No letter this year just a photo and a handwritten greeting. My brain is too frazzled to put anything that is remotely comprehensible down on paper. I can't even spell crochet. That, coupled with my !@#$# wireless printer that doesn't print a single thing even though it is brimming with spendy ink cartridges, forced me to scrap together some postcards, some cards and a hundred business card size notes for family and friends. No fancy magnets this year. More PROOF of scatter brained mommy: I ordered my mother in law LAST year's calendar for Christmas this year. Yep, a total repeat. That's what I get for using the same company.

Hi, my name is Rani and I am addicted to yarn. I have totes of the stuff. I love the color, texture and the wonderment of just what that ball of yarn can become. I buy it on clearance, I buy it on sale, I buy it at thrift stores. I would probably buy some from the trunk of a shady car if the price was right :)

So for a few weeks now I have been destashing. I had my gift all ready for Kris last night. I met her for a bite to eat before we attended the Washington Pavillion's 'A Christmas Carol'. It was really fun and nice to stop for an hour and a half and just enjoy :)

Then, at the last minute I decided to add some more to it, the gift, are you still with me? This is exactly why I didn't write a letter this year... So last night after I downloaded the photos of the play for show and tell I put some final touches on some gifts. Can I just say that making a gift for someone is so much more joyful that clicking submit order? But today I finally put down the hook and had some fun making things. These "fun" projects have filled every bit of my "free" time the last week or so. I can't eat while I am working so I am thinking it is good on the health front as well.

I added the tassels and a few crocheted flowers to my destashing project of scarves, scarves and more scarves. Man I love that yarn. The middle ones are made from mohair this brand is Italian and I found it when thrifting in a small town in Texas. I bought 15 skeins of the stuff with the original labels. Aren't the colors fantastic? That was fun to stuff in my luggage for the ride home. It made a nice bed for the pecans I found at my Aunt Jenny's.

This was fun. I didn't have enough hands at home today for this project so I utilized my curtain rods in the living room and even the piano to help me make these funky "no sew" scarves. I have seen them at the craft shows for a pretty penny. I made mine from my stash and I have no idea what they cost but they were fun to make and actually more difficult for me than the crocheted ones. What does that say about my ability to "craft"? It was really fun picking colors and textures. I made one for myself in, any guesses? Yeppers, pink :)

Lastly, I had the kids try on Christmas outfits the other night and tried to snap a photo. We were short a pair of black dress shoes but then a friend called, perfect timing, and had some shoes in the right size for the girls. Ridiculously blessed, I tell ya...Capital B, Capital L, know what I mean.

Just one short week until Baby Jesus' Birthday Bash!
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