Monday, December 27, 2010


Today the kids slept in till after nine. That is so rare. It almost scared me, no it did. It scared me. But considering the chaotic crazy Christmas 48 hours we have just experienced I should have just expected the sleeping in.
On Christmas eve we attended church. Usually the pews are so packed there are few seats left AND Maleah had to play a few songs for the prelude so we got there early. Which is sort of a miracle in itself. The service was wonderful and it ended with the traditional candle light Silent Night. Really sets the tone.
After church we all go to my mom's. We eat. We gab. We eat some more. We gave up giving presents years ago but this year mom decided to try something different with the kids.
My sister and I think alike:) Look at those handsome cousins.

Mom gathered the kids up and told them that they were going to draw numbers and then draw a name and choose a gift to give to a cousin. A lesson in giving and in receiving. It was wonderful to see them look at the gifts to choose the perfect one for the name they chose.
I think my brother in law had the most fun of the night, though:) Mom got the kids a few stocking stuffers, too. Somehow she always ignores the no gift rules:)

After the gifts were received we laughed, hugged and cried a little. Then we all went home to our respectable homes for the night.

We got up early to stuff the stockings and the kids were already awake. It was 6 am.
Tell me why I bought markers for her. WHY!?!?!?!
A homemade gift from Maleah.

We made it to Grandma and Grandpa Gordon's by dinner time. After dinner we cleaned up and opened gifts. Ryan's mom gets everyone a gift. I am not sure how she does it. Nine children and their families and significant others. Come to think of it I am not sure how she feed us all, either. She is pretty amazing. A living Saint, I do so believe.
Gavin playing the dice game
Uncle Brian giving nerf shooting lessons.

Maleah made a haul of birthday and Christmas gifts.

Addison got spoiled...again.

This year I got a special gift. I was so surprised, and elated! An e-reader, WOHOO!
Then we played our sort of new tradition of the dice game. Once for the kiddos and once each for adult males and adult females. This is probably the highlight of the day. This year I lost one of my die in a coffee cup and the whole table was screaming at me to roll. I also noticed Ryan's dad (when he had the gift he wanted and there was less than 10 seconds left) shake those dice ever so slowly only to roll doubles at the very last second! This year we had a tie at the end and there was a roll off for the winner of lottery tickets!
Kids getting the instructions from Auntie Kim about the dice game. More living Saints. Auntie Kim and Lisa provided all the gifts for the game! WOW!

We spent the night and got home late yesterday afternoon. It was fun, but exhausting. The kids were plenty worn out from all the partying.
Another Christmas come and gone. Another new year about to turn.
I hope your families are healthy and happy and exhausted from partying during this wonderful time of year.
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