Friday, December 10, 2010

seven and nine year old wisdom

I was telling Maleah that I heard people on the radio talking about the best Christmas present they ever received. I told her that the best gift I was ever given was my first baby girl born a couple of days before Christmas and how the nurses wrapped her up in a stocking for me. "Yeah", Maleah said "And if I was born on St. Patrick's day they would have probably painted me green."

I was showing Gavin the scarves I have been attempting to crotchet. He looks them over and then says."Mom, if you have time today, make a hundred of these and we can sell 'em at a craft show for money."

Maleah is reading the back of the cereal bag and she says, "This is my favorite cereal and it is much cheaper than Honey Bunches of oats. I think Malt-o-meal is a much better value. They have a website, too mom. We could learn all about cereal."

We put the reindeer up in the yard and Gavin worried about it falling over. "We need to stake it, mom, do you have any stakes?" he says. "And we gotta figure something out about that star on the top of the pine tree, too. One big wind and whoosh it's gone for good."
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