Monday, February 07, 2011

Monday Multitudes 763-782

This morning as I put the title in this post I realized my last Monday Multitudes post was still in draft form, never published, sigh.

These past few weeks have been crazy. The weather and my busy schedule has really cut into my usually quiet winter. Life is FULL. That is a good thing.

I am so very blessed. Really more than I can fathom. But here are a few blessings I can count from the last week or so...

snow days with my whole family home

a house that is heated and warm

a Bible that waits for me to open it

friends who support me

an amazing sister

a niece who is a wonderful last minute sitter

a friend's mom who returned home from a lengthy hospital stay

time to finally send get well cards

time to do the taxes

time to read books with the girls

a few more scarves made

time to teach the kids some crafts

time to grocery shop with my sister

a husband who supports my craziness

a superintendent that brings my sick child home from school when I have two others under the weather here

not getting sick myself...yet

a fun school booster sandwich making event where I fought with some cheese slices

enjoying a Sunday with nothing to do

an amazing group of women, including my mother and my sister, who made cooking even more fun

Chopping up the kale for the spicy sausage potato soup.
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