Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Words of Wisdom on a Wednesday

From Nora:
Mom, my tummy hurts. I think when I eat candy it will feel better!

I am a taco taco girl and Addi is a nacho nacho girl.

Screaming very loudly. EVERYBODY BE QUIET! Maleah is sleeping!

It's 8:45 am and we just finished breakfast. Nora scoots a chair over to the counter and grabs the bag of Fritos Scoops... Nora, if you get one chip mom will spank your butt.
Okay, I will get two chips mom!

From Addi:
Mom, at Sara's only one person goes in to the potty at a time. We have to wait outside the door for our turn.

I am tired mom, I am going to bed. You stay up all night and work on the 'puter.

Mom, do you like the blue coffee or the red coffee better? (Maxwell house vs. Folgers) my answer? ...the one that is on sale honey.

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