Monday, February 07, 2011

SSSC update

I spent over $700 on groceries last week.

It was a culmination of 15 plus hours of making a price book, using local ads and coupons and a lot of spreadsheets calculating costs of items down to the nearest teaspoon. I kid you not.

This is the post you have been waiting for. The update on the Sensible Sisters Supper Club.

You see, Friday night was our first club. Friday wasn't really a good day for me.
You may think that to drum up business I am going to be all nicey nicey and say good and wonderful things so that we can get even more amazing women to join the club. But, come on, you know me. I always say it like it is. I always share too much information. I am the girl you wish would duct tape her mouth every once in a while, maybe more often than that, just being honest.

Anyway...Friday. It all started with one of them saying, "Mom, my tummy hurts." In in middle of the day the superintendent drove my semi clean son home with a stank garbage bag full of clothes. The girls had it coming out of the other end. I am sure that is plenty of too much information for ya. I had to sanitize myself and get out of the house. It is a good thing I love Clorox so much.

So, we had this supper club planned and I had the roasters on at the church. The pork roast was roasting. The ovens were heating, the groceries were bought, the tables were organized. I showered, again, before heading over late in the afternoon.

The gals started arriving at 5 and after lots of visiting we were off to a late start but a start no less. The smart sister (not me) had job lists for everyone with times and places and even had scheduled us a small break later in the evening.

The buzz of the lights that I had heard all afternoon was completely drowned out by the laughing and gabbing of real women who were mixing and chopping and stirring and washing. It went really fast and some things surprised us like; how long it really takes to brown hamburger in roaster and how fast bread rises when the kitchen in full of 10 busy women. I even fought with a food processor for a moment or two, I just walked away from that one, I know my limits.

At 9:30 pm each women packed up in her basket one tray of enchiladas (seasoned ground beef with homemade taco seasoning, homemade tortillas topped with sour cream, cheese, and cream soup mix from scratch), one bag of pulled pork for sandwiches with a container of homemade barbecue sauce, a pan of Iowa pork chops (thick chops sliced open and stuffed with corn, bread crumb stuffing and apples), a large pan of calico beans (started with an overnight soaking of dry beans) to serve over whole grain rice, a chicken bistro dish (with tomatoes, mushrooms and onions) to serve over whole wheat linguine, a homemade tomato basil soup (that I honestly will probably add chicken to) a spicy sausage potato soup with tons of green kale, two whole wheat pizzas topped with cheese and/or pepperoni and a bag of whole wheat tortillas rolled out by hand (or rolling pin) for snacking.

The church (and most of us) smelled of onions, mushrooms and bacon for the next few hours. But it was sort of a medal of smell honor for all the hard work we put in.

I think everyone went home happy, hungry (next month we really are taking that break to eat), and ready for next month.
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