Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A month of thanks *updated

Today is the first day of my favorite month of the whole year. To celebrate I am going to try and post every day. To make it even more special I am going to post something I am thankful for every day. If you would like to join me I would love to hear about the things you are thankful for on your blog or in the comments. Happy November.

I subbed today. I was tired this morning and skipped my morning workout with the girls because I stayed out too late at the football game. I was feeling run down and cranky. I kind of did not want to work. A few minutes after arriving at the school I found out about a beautiful young girl who had been tragically injured in a car accident, she died later in the day. It made me realize how thankless I have been.

Today I am thankful for every moment I have spent with my four children. Every moment is so precious because who knows how long each of will be in this temporary life? Who knows exactly when Jesus will say it is our time to go? So right now, at this moment, I am so very blessed to have four wonderful, healthy, vibrant kids and for that I am eternally grateful.

UPDATE:  Our God is an amazing God. Last night I was friended on Facebook by one of my friends husband. Shortly after we became friends he posted this and I just knew it was about the girl, he mentioned her name, too but I have removed it from his post...what an amazing testimony!

My Dad is up and walking (praise God)...he should be out of the ICU tomorrow and moving to pulmonary unit. He is looking forward to getting some nutrition in his feeding tube tomorrow. P.S. A young teenager was taken off of life support. She was surrounded by 30+ family/friends who loved her very much...in her last moments a palpable sense of a pressure change could be felt in my left inner ear (like taking off in a plane)...my brother confirmed this (also felt in left ear). My mother also felt a tremendous peace fall upon us...eternal perspective...the angels welcoming her home...

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