Monday, October 23, 2006

Insignificant, but amazing.

I spent the morning making pumpkin and candy corn decorations from construction paper. It was too much fun. It got me thinking. Some of the most enjoyable moments in my life are the simplest ones. The conversations we have in the car on the ride home are excellent examples; for instance Sunday night; my three year old son explains to his sister,"Dad is the dad and mom is the mom and you are the sister and I am the, um... PEOPLE" he shouted triumphantly. Bedtime prayers are really great moments, too. I love the million questions that pop into a child's head when they lie down in bed. "Is tomorrow in the morning? How far is the moon? Can airplanes fly to heaven? When is Jesus going to find me a boy to marry? When I am big can I have an orange 4-wheeler? Can daddy make bunk beds?" I love being a mommy.
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