Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"Holiday Dressy" what is that about?

I am scrambling.

First of all my summer 'refill the closet' garage sale bonanza was replaced with surgery and hospital stays and then chemotherapy sessions. Normally I hit the pavement once a week for the entire summer, this year I think I hit two sales total. I have a complex about the kids clothes, I don't know why. I want to always have at least a couple sizes on hand in case my kids grow an inch or two overnight. I usually have summer clothes already by now and at least one or two items for next winter, like snow pants, boots or a nice coat. Thrifty living and shopping demands that you are flexible and always thinking ahead. I have always shopped that way, even for myself.

This past year I was lucky and got a few suits for my ds on eBay for pennies even with shipping. He begged to wear one of the jackets on Sunday to church and I caved even though he looked the the Hulk with his 3/4 sleeves. My dd was set for the holidays last year, too. My brother got married and she had a flower girl dress. I added a little sequin sash and made a matching headband, bought some long gloves on clearance and she was good to go. She wore it 4 times for Christmas programs and church. This year, however, I am really far behind. Neither of my kids have dress clothes that fit. They are hurting even in the regular clothes category both of them being in between sizes when nothing fits 'just right'. I finally convinced myself that since clothes are not going to materialize out of thin air I needed to get shopping for a holiday outfit. Normally I might have a dress or a sweater that might pass for the special event, but not this year. So I fill my coffee mug up to the brim, grab my purse and head downstairs to the computer. I have a budget and I am going to stick to it. Surely I can find a nice little dress and a shirt and slacks for my precious children.

Old Navy starts my search and I cannot believe that they do not have any clearance holiday clothing, sigh, I guess I did budget for buying off the rack clothes so I go to the main page and look for dresses. You will not believe what I found. A page and a half of short tiny mini skirts and three, count them, three dresses. A hooded dress, a uniform jumper and a polo dress; everything cotton. Where's the satin? Where's the corny red and green plaid and the soft velvet? Who replaced the dresses section with boring khaki and blue uniform dresses? Upon further investigation I find the "holiday dressy" link. Here I find a faux fur vest, one velvet mini skirt and some pin tuck cotton shirts and shrugs. WHAT? I haven't been in the store in months so I think maybe it's just online that is suffering from the lack of holiday sparkle. I check the Gap, the Children's Place. NOTHING! Not one thing that I think says "holiday" for my 3 year old or 5 year old. I am disgusted. I check Target and Walmart and find some very cheap looking clothes that are at least red, green, or black and involve a little sparkle.

So last night and this morning I am back at my old habits on eBay searching for the perfect little girl dress and boy suit for my kids. I hate calculating the shipping and reading feedback on sellers so that I can be sure I get my purchase and even harder yet by Christmas, but I guess I'll have to deal with it this year and remember to hit the summer restocking hard this summer. Wish me luck!
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